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 Is your Computer in need of a Tune-Up?

Is your computer slow as molasses and sometimes tied up in bizarre and inexplicable routines that appear to come out of nowhere? Then your computer needs a professional tune-up.

Today’s computers are complicated, dynamic, highly flexible combinations of hardware and software. The computers “dynamic” properties also mean that, over time, it will continually become slower and slower.

Your systems speed issues will primarily be due to your computers operating system becoming corrupted and degraded through your installation and use of programs. You will also find that a variety of malicious applications may play a significant role in your computers performance issues.

Just as your computer is a complicated piece of equipment, so are the causes of your computers performance problems. We are computer professionals, and we will resolve your computers performance problems.

Call 513-204-9891 to have Getteck tune up your computer
What's Included:
Apply applicable operating system updates as well as configure your system to apply updates automatically Included
Repair any operating system issues (boot issues, blue screens, etc.) Included
Optimize your system to improve performance by adjusting the systems startup and shutdown, automating Windows updates, adjusting menu navigation, and cleaning up the quick launch and taskbar shortcuts Included
Configure the systems general security functions such as antiphishing and pop-up blocking in Internet Explorer Included
Remove unwanted applications Included
Thoroughly test and confirm the operation of PC hardware and software Included
Provide valuable consoltation & advice regarding your computing needs Included
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