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PlayStation Repair

Thank you for considering GetTeck for the repair of your PlayStation 3. We utilize the latest tools and technology in the repair of each system and will do our best to exceed your expectations. Your system will be repaired properly and, as always, it will come our “Iron Clad” warranty! 

  • Yellow Light of Death

  • Red Flashing Light on Start-up

  • Blu-Ray Drive Won't Read Discs

  • Green Light, Black Screen

  • No Power, No Lights

  • Discs Won't Insert, Eject, or Read

  • Overheating

  • Data Recovery

  • Wireless or Bluetooth Issues



The Cause and Resolution of the PS3 Yellow Light of Death

The PlayStation 3 has a relatively low failure rate; however, the Yellow Light of Death has the same root cause as the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death which affected a relatively large percentage of Xbox 360 consoles.


Partial blame for the issue is rooted in society’s restriction on carcinogenic materials in electronics. This has forced manufactures to replace the robust lead based solder with a led-free variant that is more brittle than the lead based solder.


The Yellow Light of Death and the Red Ring of Death occur when the systems are subjected to repeated heating and cooling cycles. The factory built cooling mechanisms do not sufficiently cool the system, thus system chips are subjected to continued heating and cooling extremes which excessively stress the solder joints between the Graphic Processors (GPU) and the motherboard. These joints will develop fractures that create a disconnect between the GPU and the motherboard – resulting in the PS3 faulting with a Yellow Light of Death error.

Options for repair:

  1. If your console is within the warranty period than you can call the Sony Customer Service Line and explain the issue. If Sony determines that it is covered under warranty than they will send you a refurbished PS3 after you have shipped your defective unit to them with the proper shipping and insurance. The process will take 3 to 6 weeks. (Note: You will loose all of your game settings, no exceptions - there is also no extension of your warranty)
  2. If your PlayStation 3 is no longer covered by Sony's warranty than you still have the option to send the PS3 to Sony for repair. The repair will cost $150 + the cost of shipping and insurance. In return they will repair the unit and provide a 3 month warranty. The process takes 3 to 6 weeks. (Note: You will loose all of your game settings, no exceptions)

  3. BEST - Have GetTeck repair you system! Our repairs are affordable and come with a no hassle 1 year guarantee. At GetTeck we will repair your PS3 the right way – using a sophisticated method known as re-balling. The problematic chip is removed from the motherboard and repaired by applying over 200 solder balls to the chip and then re-affixing the chip to the system board. This repair methods far exceeds the manufactures and properly guards against a future failure.


There is no easy fix available to the user for the Yellow Light of death; however, we would be remiss if we did not call attention to the great deal of miss-information on the internet regarding self-help methods for resolving the PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death. Any self-help solution must be treated with with extreme caution and skepticism, as many of these so called “solutions” will permanently destroy your system board and chips.


The self-help solutions fail to mention that a correct repair of the PS3 GPU or Processor chip requires highly specialized equipment that controls the application of temperatures in excess of 220º C / 428º F. At these temperatures - damage to the system board and chips is only 10º C away.


At GetTeck we will correctly repair your system and provide you with more than a warranty, but a rock solid Guarantee. Call us at GetTeck and give us the opportunity to provide you with a free quote – you can't lose!

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