Broken LCD Repair

Does your laptop or monitory have any of the following problems?

  • A broken or cracked LCD screen?
  • An LCD Backlight lamp or bulb that is flickering or burnt out?
  • An excessive number of Dead Pixels appearing on your LCD screen?
  • Horizontal or vertical line on your LCD screen?
  • A picture that appears fuzzy?

We are the best and most affordable choice for the repair of your computers screen damage. With over 20 years of computer repair experience, we have what it takes to repair your system. We realize that it is hard to be without your laptop and we will do our best for you – respecting your time by minimizing your systems downtime with fast, efficient and cost effective repair of your computers display issues.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the repair of your computer. We are experts at LCD screen repair and we would be glad to answer any questions you have.

What's Included:
Accurately troubleshoot your LCD problems using the latest tools and procedures Included

Use only the highest quality replacement screens and parts


Provide environmentally friendly disposal of all replaced parts such as the old LCD screen, etc.


Optimize the LCD display with appropriate configurations and system adjustments


Thoroughly test and verify all LCD repairs and replacements


Provide lifetime support for all LCD repairs and replacements


Did You Know?
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Despite their apparent ruggedness, LCD screens contain a layer of thin fragile glass that will fracture under the smallest sign of stress.

Damage occurs from entirely innocuous mishaps, such as leaving a pencil on the notebook's keyboard and closing the lid, a too firm slap on the top deck when closing the LCD screen. Another common mishap involves screen damage after tripping over system cables – pitching the computer to the floor with a stomach-turning crunch of the LCD screen.

Always treat your screen with care, making sure to use both hands when opening the lid of your laptop.


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