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Mike Ulloa
9 0 9/4/2015

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The CTB-Locker Virus and What You Should Do

Sep 04 2015

The CryptoWall malware has raised the bar for damaging malware. Upon infection the virus will encrypt your files, making them unusable.

There are a limited number of solutions to resolving this; however, you must act quickly.

How to Revive an Apparently Dead Laptop with an AMD Processor

Jul 10 2011

A  Dell Inspiron 1526 laptop with AMD processor - when powered on, the laptop's fans spin up, the dvd drive reads, and the power led lights up. Also, the scroll lock, caps lock, and num lock are on, flashing, and flashing, respectively. Relapcement of the CR2032 CMOS battery will likely revive the system.


How today's virus authors infect computers

Jul 10 2011

Today’s antivirus software is having difficulty protecting against todays virus infections. Modern antivirus software is built upon the flawed premise of virus signatures – the concept that once a virus is in the wild a signature can be extracted from the files and used to identify and prevent the spread of the virus on other machines.

Cannot create file c:\hp\bin\setres.log

May 24 2011

We recently encountered a unique issue on the rebuild of an HP Pavilion A1630N computer. While performing a bare metal install of the Windows XP operating system using HP’s built in recovery procedures (F10), we would receive the error "cannot create file c:\hp\bin\setres.log".

Our Favorite Applications

Jun 22 2010

This is a list of our alltime favorite programs and utilities. The list is dynamic and will be updated regularly with our current choices.

“Error 39” casuses mouse/touchpad and keyboard to no longer work

May 03 2010
I recently resolved an interesting issue on a Dell Laptop that prevented the touchpad/mouse and keyboard from operating once a key was pressed on the keyboard. Upon inspecting the Device Manager - the entry for the keyboard showed “Error 39”.
After sorting through a significant number of suggested solutions to this issue, I came upon two solutions that appeared to have the most merit and the best chance for resolving the issue with the device managers "Error 39” for the keyboard.

Nothing like a good old virus . . .

Apr 29 2010

The recent uptick in infections by the XP Defender virus has given me pause, as I see firsthand the detrimental impact the authors of today's virus' have on all walks of life - from the wealthy to the dirt poor. The following are some suggestions regarding how to address a virus on a system.